Defense Industry Products

Real World Tested

The following products make up the Defense products for our company. These products have been licensed to CIA, DOD, AF, HS, DNI, and other US intelligence agencies in the past. These new products are the second generation of those original products.

                           SCOUT 2.0
Drone surveillance, object detection, identification, and tracking technology. Works on 4k video streams. Find lost children, hikers, or the hiding enemy.

Prior contract Scout 1.0: $11.3 million

                                  ORCA 2.0
Subsurface anomaly detection program. ORCA finds submerged submarines from single image of the ocean surface.

Prior contract Orca 1.0: $8.26 million

                             CEDD 2.0

Compression Enhanced Data Delivery

Double the bandwidth or double the users on an existing satellite with a CEDD compression box. Saves hundreds of millions of $ and years waiting to put another satellite up to increase bandwidth when you can do it now!

prior contract CEDD 1.0:  $6.83 million

                   VideoAI 2.0

Advanced AI video analytics.

prior contract VideoAI: $8.45 million

                             RenderAI 2.0

Real Time 2d/3d Render Engine

Render your 2D video into 3D while you are collecting collecting data.

Prior contracts for Video AI 1.0: $4.2 million

             Special Data Processing (SDP) 2.0
SDP finds the GPS location of any mobile device. Mobile devices can be located anywhere in the world, connected to a wireless, satellite, or landline. SDP will find them and return their GPS coordinates. Also supports tracking movement over time.

SPD tools included  technologies to retrieve the data undetected.

Prior contracts for SPD 1.0:  $9.33 million
Prior contracts for SPD 2.0: $1.99 million

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