Cyber Security Products

Real World Tested


cyber security programs monitor your computer networks looking for security breaches used by computer ransomware hackers. These cyber AI programs programs were used by various us intelligence agencies and their contractors to protect their own networks.


RansomHunter  tracks down the cyber hackers that are involved in a ransomware attack and neutralizes them!


RansomReset attempts to undo the damage caused by a ransomware attack without the need to pay the ransom.

Cyber Forensics Analytica (CFA)

CFA analyzes digital evidence and investigates computer security incidents to derive useful information in support of system/network vulnerability mitigation. CFA conducts analysis of log files, evidence, and other information to
determine best methods for identifying the perpetrator of cyber crimes.


The wireless monitoring device surveils a security perimeter looking for all digital devices in the area and alerts the user and the wireless command center in real-time.

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